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PG 25 anvil secateurs: universal shears, also suitable for hard woods

STIHL PG 25 anvil secateurs offer versatile support for garden maintenance, for example when you are tidying up an overgrown garden. When cutting with anvil secateurs, the cutting blade directly meets the face of the anvil. Thanks to the pull-to-cut mechanism, you can use these handy shears to effortlessly cut thicker hard wood branches and especially dead wood up to a diameter of 15 mm. STIHL PG 25 anvil secateurs are 20 cm long and weigh 260 g. The locking mechanism with practical one-handed clasp can be opened easily with your thumb. STIHL PG 25 anvil secateurs can even be used to cut materials such as plastic profiles or hoses. The corrosion-resistant body of the secateurs ensures a long service life, while the non-stick blade and anvil can be replaced if necessary. Simply contact your local STIHL dealer for a replacement blade or anvil.

Optional STIHL accessories such as the STIHL grinding and dressing stone will help with tool maintenance. You can use the sharpening stone to sharpen your STIHL PG 25 secateurs as well as axes, hatchets, blades and household scissors, so you can keep working effectively.

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Anvil Secateurs

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