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FELCO F2 bypass secateurs: for universal use in gardens and parks

The STIHL FELCO F2 bypass secateurs can be used to carry out effortless cutting work during garden maintenance, when tidying overgrown gardens and in park areas. With their bypass cut, the STIHL F2 secateurs are particularly suitable for all green growth. When cutting, the blades slide against each other to create smooth cuts that don’t crush the plant stems.

Thanks to the non-slip handle coating, the secateurs sit comfortably in the hand during use. You can use them to cut branches up to 25 mm thick with precision. The STIHL FELCO F2 bypass secateurs are also ideal for maintaining roses and other shrubs with woody elements. Thanks to the wire cutting notch, you can even use the secateurs to cutthin wires. Cushioned dampers and the one-handed clasp, which you can easily open with your thumb, ensure particular comfort when using the 22 cm STIHL FELCO F2 bypass secateurs. The forged handles ensure a long service life for the STIHL FELCO F2 secateurs.

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Secateur F2

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