Battery advantages for professional users

Professionals like working with STIHL battery power tools, as they offer many advantages. We present the most important ones.

A STIHL professional battery tools

Overview: Battery advantages 

  • AP batteries have many advantages, e.g. integration into STIHL connected, charge level indicator or can be used in rain 
  • Benefits for employees include, among other things, ergonomic design and easy start-up
  • For companies, usually lower operating costs with high performance  
  • Quiet, emission-free working in private gardens, schools and residential complexes

General battery advantages 

STIHL battery power tools offer many advantages in garden, landscape and tree maintenance as well as in municipal work – for employees and companies as well as for customers. They enable efficient, emission-free working. They are also quiet, powerful and have a long service life. 

The STIHL AP System for professional use includes a wide range of battery power tools from various categories, which are particularly versatile thanks to high-performance lithium-ion batteries and backpack batteries. Proven STIHL quality, the highest safety standards, extensive accessories and smart energy and charge management included.

Advantages of STIHL lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are used in all STIHL battery power tools – they offer many advantages:


  • Long service life 
  • No memory effect
  • Low weight 
  • Low self-discharge


The particular advantages of AP batteries include:  


  • Easy integration into STIHL connected thanks to integrated Bluetooth interface on the AP 300 S and AP 500S
  • Charge-level indicator via four green LED lights 
  • Can be used in the rain


Battery advantages in use

The high-performance professional batteries have to meet different requirements depending on the area of activity and display different strengths in specific areas of application.

A man hands a STIHL battery to his colleague, both of whom are standing behind a vehicle flatbed, on which is, among other things and a STIHL battery chainsaw, as well as other power tools

A wide range of equipment is required for working in private gardens.

Private gardens

Working with battery tools in private gardens requires a wide range of power tools. All of the required tools can be operated with the AP System. As a general rule, each power tool is only used for a short time, so the battery life is more than sufficient.

When used in private gardens, the advantages of the easy-to-operate, flexible battery power tools outweigh those of petrol-driven power tools, as they can be used without causing noise or unpleasant odours.

Discover battery power tools for private gardens

A man wearing protective equipment sawing a tree trunk in a green area with a STIHL battery chainsaw

Powerful battery chainsaws are suitable for tree maintenance.

Tree maintenance 

For tree maintenance in private and public spaces, lightweight, flexible tools that can be operated quietly and without emissions are required. These handy battery power tools really come into their own when it comes to maintenance trimming. The starting up without a starter cord is significantly faster and easier than with conventional petrol-driven power tools.

A man in work equipment using a battery leaf blower to remove leaves from a park path

Leaves can be cleared up emission-free with battery leaf blowers.

Public and larger private gardens

Garden maintenance for Private Wealth Customers, at banks and foundations, at cemeteries, in residential complexes, residential parks and schools involves some demanding requirements. Quiet, emission-free operation without unpleasant odours is particularly in demand here.  

When it comes to noise and emission control, battery power tools play to their strengths compared to petrol-driven power tools – both for customers and everyone in the working environment.

Other battery power tools for public spaces

Flexible and powerful: STIHL battery technology

Powerful professional battery technology from STIHL offers long battery life as well as smart energy and charge management. It can be used effectively for landscape, garden and tree maintenance as well as municipal work. Some professional batteries and battery power tools are also manufactured in Germany.

Operating hours for professional batteries 

The following table shows the operating hours of the professional batteries in the unit "up to ... minutes"1 for the chainsaws to give you a quick overview. The values for all other professional products can be found in our overview: Battery life and charging times (operating hours)

  AP 200
(187 Wh battery power2)
AP 300
(227 Wh battery power2)
AP 300 S
(281 Wh battery power2)
AP 500 S
(337 Wh battery power2)
MSA 160 C–B 42 min3 50 min 62 min 74 min
MSA 161 T 42 min3 50 min3 62 min 74 min
MSA 200 C–B 35 min4 40 min3 50 min 60 min
MSA 220 C–B 32 min4 37 min4 40 min3 48 min
MSA 220 T / MSA 220 TC–O 16 min4 25 min4 29 min3 34 min
MSA 300 C–O - - - 20–44 min

1 The stated battery life per charge and area specifications are approximate values and may vary depending on how the tool is used and what is being cut.
2 Energy content according to cell manufacturer specifications. The actual power capacity available during operation is lower in order to increase service life.
3 Recommended cutting attachment
4 Reduced tool performance

Please note that the battery operating times and area specifications for each battery charge are estimates and may vary depending on how the tool is used and what is being cut.

The AP 500 S 

The AP 500 S sets new standards with its innovative power laminate technology. The unique and robust cells provide more power output and capacity. In addition, the technology enables twice the service life as well as twice the number of possible charging cycles compared to all other STIHL batteries.

Innovative charging solutions

With STIHL, the battery fleet can be flexibly charged and easily kept track of. Whether in the workshop, in the office or on the road during operation – you will find the ideal charging solution for every requirement.

A man using a laptop in a workshop.

STIHL connected – advantages through networking  

With STIHL connected you always have an overview of your networked power tools – even when you’re out and about. This makes it easier for you to stick to maintenance intervals – both for the safety of employees and to extend the service life of your tools. It also allows tools to be replaced on time when needed, minimising downtime.

The STIHL AR 2000 L and AR 3000 L backpack batteries and the STIHL AP 500 S and AP 300 S batteries can be connected and managed like a power tool via an integral Bluetooth® interface. This means that the duration of use and serial number can be viewed quickly in the STIHL connected App and in the STIHL connected Portal. The STIHL AP 300 S and AP 500 S batteries also enable evaluation of battery status data such as charging cycles, health status and – in the case of the AP 300 S – charge level.

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