STIHL battery AS System: For gardening and domestic outdoor spaces

The extremely compact and maneuverable power tools in the AS System are perfect for precise garden tasks. An interchangeable 10.8V battery reliably supplies the energy you need.

 STIHL AS-System power tools: GTA 26 cordless garden pruner, HSA 26 cordless shears, and SEA 20 cordless handheld vacuum
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The STIHL AS System

For tackling the most precise outdoor tasks such as perfecting your lawn edges or tidying your garage or workshop, the light, compact and easy-to handle tools that make up the STIHL AS System is perfect for you.

The impressive ease of use offered by all three battery power tools in the AS System makes them perfect for occasional use. Their compact size means they are very easy to store between uses – but that doesn’t stop them from offering the same high performance and fantastic endurance expected from STIHL tools. 

AS System power tools

The AS System includes three battery tools: the STIHL HSA 26 battery shrub shears, the GTA 26 battery garden pruner and the SEA 20 battery handheld vacuum cleaner.

STIHL HSA 26 battery shrub shears

A bush being trimmed using STIHL HSA 26 cordless shrub shears

HSA 26 battery shrub shears

Keep shrubs and lawn edges in tip-top shape with the HSA 26. The nimble STIHL battery shrub shears are perfect for maintaining small hedges and small-leafed ornamental trees. Lawn edges can be trimmed quickly and precisely with the included grass trimmer.

STIHL GTA 26 garden pruner

Hedge stems being cut with a STIHL GTA 26 cordless garden pruner

GTA 26 battery garden pruner

The easy-to-use STIHL GTA 26 garden pruner with replaceable 10.8V lithium-ion battery is ideal for pruning trees and shrubs, cutting up green clippings and building with wood.

STIHL SEA 20 handheld vacuum cleaner

A car being vacuumed using a SEA 20 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner.

The easy-to-manoeuvre STIHL battery handheld vacuum cleaner lets you clean small, dry surfaces and corners with ease. The compact design, powerful suction power and versatile suction attachments enable flexible, precise use. Its light weight, comfortable soft handle and integrated locking solution make it practical and easy to handle.

Discover the STIHL AS system now

Would you like to experience the STIHL AS-System for yourself? No problem – you can test all of the power tools in the AS-System at a dealer near you.

Indicative battery life for the AS System

The battery power tools in the STIHL AS System are not only compact and nimble, but also have endurance and power. This makes them perfect for maintenance around the house and garden. Whether you’re shaping your hedge, pruning fruit trees or cleaning your car, the AS System is ready to help.

You can find an overview of STIHL battery life and charging times for all battery power tools here. 

Tool Working time per battery charge* Example application*
HSA 26 Up to 110 min Trim up to 30 box tree balls
GTA 26 Up to 25 min When sawing branches (ø 4 cm) up to 80 cuts
SEA 20 Up to 14 minutes When vacuuming dirt

*The stated battery life per charge and area specifications are approximate values and may vary depending on how the tool is used and what is being cut