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Technical details

Battery weight0.8 kg
Rated voltage36 V
Energy content72 W·h 1)
Rated capacity as per IEC 619602 A·h
Rated cell capacity (as per manufacturer data)2.1 A·h 2)

Lightweight lithium-ion battery for smaller gardens

The STIHL AK-System combines versatility and quality for all kinds of garden work. You can also select the right AK lithium-ion battery for your STIHL power tool that is best suited to your job. Thanks to the LED charge-level indicator, you can always keep an eye on when the battery is ready for use, and for how long.

The lightweight lithium-ion batteries with a rated voltage of 36 V are not only highly versatile, but also hard-wearing and extremely durable. This makes even demanding gardening tasks straightforward. You can recharge STIHL AK batteries with the STIHL AL 101 quick battery charger or the STIHL AL quick battery charger.

STIHL AK batteries are available with various energy capacities:

  • AK 10 (item no. 45204006515) with 72 Wh battery power, 0.8 kg weight
  • AK 20 (item no. 45204006518) with 144 Wh battery power, 1.2 kg weight
  • AK 30 (item no. 45204006512) with 180 Wh battery power, 1.3 kg weight
Regular maintenance, correct charging of the lithium-ion battery and the appropriate environment for storing the battery all help to ensure a long service life.


In our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times, you can see how long you can work with your STIHL battery power tool and how long the respective AK battery takes to charge. The overview also shows which AK battery is recommended for your STIHL power tool.
AK 10

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