STIHL recalls a limited production range of cut-off machines STIHL TS 410 and STIHL TS 420

Waiblingen, 01.06.2021

STIHL has learned that a limited number of TS 410 and TS 420 cut-off machines in the below noted serial number range were assembled with the flywheel-to-crankshaft connection overtightened. Overtightening of this connection may damage the flywheel, which could cause the flywheel to fail and break apart while the engine is running.

A failure during the operation of the machine would pose a projectile hazard to the user or a bystander. A damaged flywheel is not apparent from a visual inspection.

Affected serial number range:     189442634 - 190001700

If you own a cut-off machine TS 410 or TS 420 in the given serial number range, please discontinue using the machine immediately!

Please contact your local STIHL dealer for a flywheel replacement. This repair is free of charge for you.
We ask for your understanding for this precautionary measure. Please take this action in the interest of your own safety.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your local STIHL dealer.

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