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Safety Instructions

Technical details

Bar length35 cm
Bar length14 in
Rated voltage36 V
Weight3.5 kg 1)
System Weight3.5 kg


The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

MSA 200 C-B cordless chainsaw: Emissions-free sawing for all users

The STIHL MSA 200 C-B cordless chainsaw is suitable for cutting thick branches or felling smaller trees. It is designed for professionals who need a powerful but handy cordless chainsaw for their work. We have made this power tool as lightweight as possible so that you can work quickly, effectively and for long periods. The STIHL MSA 200 C-B cordless chainsaw also offers high cutting performance. Thanks to the quiet EC motor, you can carry out sawing work even in noise-sensitive areas such as residential neighbourhoods or around hospitals and parks.

The STIHL 1/4" PM3 saw chain used in this chainsaw ensures a fine cut and supports the strong cutting performance. The sturdy metal claw stop fixes the cordless saw in place on the wood, making it particularly easy to cut with precision. The STIHL QuickStop Super chain brake ensures safe working, so the saw chain comes to a standstill in seconds if there is kickback. But we haven’t overlooked comfort: Thanks to STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning, you can tension the saw chain on this chainsaw particularly easily and safely without the need for tools.

In our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times, you can see how long you can work with your STIHL MSA 200 C-B cordless chainsaw and how long the battery takes to charge.

All cordless power tools within the STIHL AP system have been designed for professional users and daily work, even in adverse weather conditions. For this reason they are certified as splash-proof. The effectiveness of this is also verified through demanding internal tests. The splashwater test is aligned with the IPX4 standard, among others.

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