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Hedge Trimmer with built-in battery, great performance and price

The STIHL HSA 45 battery hedge trimmer is part of the STIHL AI-Line and has a compact and ergonomic design. This battery hedge trimmer is particularly lightweight, making it ideal for private users dealing with spontaneous small jobs in the garden. Including the permanently integrated lithium-ion battery, the STIHL HSA 45 weighs just 2.3 kg. If you notice that the battery charge level is low, you can charge the power tool using the cable supplied. The handy LED cluster on the tool allows you to view the charge level directly. Thanks to its electric motor, the STIHL HSA 45 battery hedge trimmer is so quiet that you can even use it in noise-sensitive areas. The single-sided cutting blade also helps you to work efficiently. The integrated cut protection supports safe working, while the screw-on tip protector protects the cutting attachment when working close to the groand. The soft handle with gear lever is very comfortable to hold and the two-handed control unit supports safe working. 

The STIHL HSA 45 hedge trimmer has a bar length of 50 cm.

The hedge trimmer is equipped with an activation key, which must be inserted into the key slot for operation. For safety reasons, the activation key must be removed for transport, maintenance, repair and storage and should also be kept out of the reach of children. Further information can be found in the user manual.

HSA 45


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Pruning system
Winter slide

Technical details

Cutting length500 mm
Rated voltage18 V
Weight2.3 kg
Overall length912 cm
Stroke rate2500 r/min (UM)

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