Starting a STIHL brushcutter

Although all our brushcutters and clearing saws are easy to start, the exact procedure varies depending on the model. Here we explain the start-up sequences for you.

A man wearing ear and face protection starting a STIHL FS 56 R petrol brushcutter in a garden

Overview: starting a STIHL brushcutter

  • The way to start a STIHL brushcutter can vary depending on the model.
  • We therefore recommend that you read the operating instructions thoroughly before starting.
  • You should only set the brushcutter upright after completing the start-up process successfully.
A man wearing face protection mowing grass in a garden using the STIHL FSA 60 cordless brushcutter

How do I start my brushcutter?: A step-by-step guide

Mowing with a brushcutter is efficient and fast. Here’s how to prepare for the job: You have familiarised yourself with the operating instructions. You have secured and checked your work environment and are wearing appropriate work clothes. You can now start using your brushcutter.

Starting a battery brushcutter

Starting an electric brushcutter

Start-up sequence using the FS 91 brushcutter as an example 

The start-up sequence for the FS 91 is similar to that for the FS 80, FS 85, FS 87, FS 100, FS 120, FS 130 and FS 250 brushcutters.

FSA 60 R Battery Brushcutter

Starting a STIHL brushcutter

Starting the STIHL FS 38 brushcutter: an overview

The FS 38 start-up sequence is similar to starting the FS 45 and FS 55 C-E brushcutters.


These guides are only intended as a supplement to the operating instructions for your STIHL brushcutter. The videos, images and descriptions only refer to one type of brushcutter by way of example. Other brushcutter types may have different controls. Before using your brushcutter, please familiarise yourself with the power tool, read the operating instructions thoroughly and contact your dealer directly if you have any questions.

Operating instructions for STIHL chainsaws

You can easily download the operating instructions for your STIHL brushcutter here.