Lots of Power Tools – One Battery

Battery power system

Lots of Power Tools – One Battery

*AK Battery System representation

Times have changed – and so have batteries. Now available in three tiers of performance, they're not just AAs anymore. They're bringing their A Game, powering smartphones, laptops and even entire cars. And when it comes to battery-powered equipment, STIHL is at the forefront of the revolution.

Battery Power By STIHL pushes battery technology to new heights of performance and dependability. While other manufacturers rush to market with their battery products, we engineer our battery equipment with pride.

  • Built on Innovation
  • Built to Last
  • Advanced Battery Technology
  • Diverse Range of Products

Battery Power by STIHL is charged with over 90 years of experience, discover more here.

At your dealer's now:

MSA cordless chain saw

MSA Battery Chainsaws

The first STIHL battery chain saw – the result of chain saw know-how, decades of experience and the advantages of lithium-ion technology.

HSA cordless hedge trimmers

HSA Battery Hedge Trimmers

Gardeners can rely on STIHL battery power for hedge trimming as well.

FSA cordless brushcutter

FSA Battery Brushcutters

Getting to work with the new, powerful STIHL battery brushcutters is a pleasure, and not just for the neighbors' ears: The gardener can work rapidly, with no power leads to restrict movement.

BGA cordless blower

BGA Battery Blowers

The new BGA 85 battery blower from STIHL scores high for being quieter than conventional machines – and with no power lead or petrol odor.

The RMA 370 cordless lawn mower

RMA Battery Lawn Mowers

The RMA range of battery lawn mowers makes it possible to mow the lawn easily, comfortably and with innovative battery technology.