Sharpening saw chain

Sägekette schärfen

Learn here the basics of properly sharpening saw chain.

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Run file

Control of the partial result

Adjust depth gauge

STIHL professional tips

  • Highlight the beginning of an incisor with a marker.
    After two or three strokes to control the material files. Establish uniform material, your working is correct. The color is removed only partially, check if you use the right file and make sure that you keep the file is not too high or too low
  • Count the filing strokes and make the same number on each tooth, thus all the teeth are of equal length.
  • If you determine that the teeth in a row are shorter than the other, you have been working on them with more downforce. Match the length of the teeth, by doing one or two files strokes on the longer incisors.
Wie finde ich die passende STIHL Sägekette? How do I find the right STIHL saw chain?

You have two options.

Sägeketten schärfen Prospekt Chainsaw Sharpening Brochure

Download (PDF, 10.17 MB)