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Safety Instructions

Technical details

Max. mowing area1500 m²
Max. gradient40 %
Cutting width20 cm
Min. cutting height20 mm
Max. cutting height60 mm


The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

Compact and smart robotic mower for lawns up to 1,500 m²

The iMOW® STIHL RMI 422 P robotic mower has sufficient capacity for maintaining medium-sized lawns. Its powerful lithium-ion battery enables it to independently maintain lawns of up to 1,500 m2, with inclines of up to 40% in just a few charging cycles. In the meantime, you can sit back and enjoy your garden.

The STIHL RMI 422 P offers a practical solution for fully automatic and independent maintenance of small and medium-sized lawns. This robotic lawnmower cuts, shreds and fertilises the grass with its mulch mower unit in a single work step. The iMOW® only shortens the lawn slightly during mulching, then fine grass particles are evenly distributed into the turf. These valuable nutrients in turn benefit the soil as fertiliser, resulting in a dense and healthy lawn.

The integrated sensors signal the self-propelled lawn mower to change direction when it comes into contact with an object. An Adaptive Slope Speed function uses slope sensors to adjust the speed on uneven terrain, so that the lawn is also mown evenly in those areas. In the dynamic mowing plan, you can define time frames during which your STIHL iMOW® robotic mower can be active each day. The RMI 422 independently determines the best timing for lawn care within these active times. The docking station serves as a base for the robotic lawn mower and for charging. The large-format LCD display makes it very easy to set up and organise this battery robotic mower.

To install it, you will need the appropriate installation kit for your garden size. STIHL iMOW® robotic mowers adhere to all valid safety standards. However, the iMOW® robotic mower is not a toy, and children, spectators, and animals must be kept away from the work area while the iMOW® robotic mower is in use. For forther information, please consult the user manual.

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