The lightest top-handled chainsaw.

MS 150 T - 8958

When it comes to lighter pruning jobs up in the trees, professional arborists will welcome the power and speed of a new lightweight chainsaw : the specialist top-handled STIHL MS 150 TC-E.

A compact top-handled model weighing just 2.6 kg, the MS 150 T-CE chainsaw is lightweight, well-balanced and simply a pleasure to use.  Like any great flyweight it packs a serious punch; with its1.0kW power output and particularly narrow saw chain making a clean and fine cut – just what is needed when pruning branches in trees.   

Gentle on the environment and on the pocket

Driven by the advanced STIHL 2-MIX engine, the new MS 150 TC-E is characterised by low exhaust emissions and low fuel consumption.  The chainsaw is fully compliant with the latest standards, whilst its low fuel consumption and long re-fuelling intervals make it both cost-and time-efficient to run.

Nice and easy to use

Lightweight and pleasant to handle, the new MS 150 TC-E chainsaw is easy to use right from the start.  A manual fuel primer and the STIHL ErgoStart feature ensure the engine starts simply with a slow, gentle pull on the starter-cord.  Excellent balance and low vibrations mean it is also really comfortable to work with, and that makes it safer in use.  Safety is further promoted by the chainsaws low kickback tendency, which is the result of a particularly narrow tipped guide bar and the special Picco Micro saw chain supplied as standard.  The chainsaw is available with a 12"/30cm guide bar.

Simple to maintain

Everyday maintenance is simple to do too, with large and accessible fuel and chain oil tank openings for easier re-fills without any tools.  Chain tensioning is also made easy with the tensioner accessed via a single nut to release the sprocket cover; even cleaning the air filter is straightforward and tool-free.