SR 450 Product Safety Recall

Serial number range: 369259472 to 370391433

SR 450 image

During routine quality inspections, STIHL determined that some STIHL SR 450 Mistblower units sold at STIHL dealerships since 2020 may have damage to the flywheel. A failure during the operation of the machine would pose a projectile hazard to the user or a bystander. As a responsible manufacturer, STIHL has decided to recall and repair the affected mistblowers.

Please check whether your unit has a serial number in the range from 369259472 to 370391433 inclusive. If so, please discontinue use of this machine immediately and bring it to your nearest STIHL dealer for repair. You can find STIHL dealer locations at

Only trained people can detect a damaged flywheel. A damaged flywheel can be replaced and this repair is free of charge for you. Once the flywheel has been replaced, you may use the mistblower again.

We ask for your understanding of this precautionary measure.
Please take this action in the interest of your own safety and that of third parties.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.