Warning about multi-part metal cutting attachments for clearing saws and brushcutters

Warning about multi-part metal cutting Multi-part metal cutting attachments (examples of which are shown below) are not to be used under any circumstances on a STIHL brushcutter. 

They constitute an unauthorized modification of the STIHL product.  Such cutting tools create the risk of an individual metal piece becoming detached as a result of wear or impact and being thrown off with great speed. The use of such cutting attachments on brushcutters can lead to severe or fatal injury to the operator or bystanders. STIHL PTY LTD advices all users of brushcutters not to use these type of cutting attachments.

Single-piece metal cutting attachments, on the other hand, may be used on STIHL brushcutters to the extent that they are permitted in the instruction manual for the STIHL power tool at issue. In this connection, STIHL recommends the use of original STIHL metal blades. These blades have features that are adapted not only for STIHL brushcutters, but also for the various demands of the user.